Heat Defending Spurs STS With X-Action

The Spurs use Screen the Screener action in transition quite often, and it works really well. Here are some examples:

The way the Heat defended this action is by using the X-Out defensive tactic. Here is how they defended it in Game 1:

The Spurs start the action with Kawhi Leonard setting the inital screen on Duncan & Wade guarding the weak side Ginobili.



With the X-Action, Wade will switch off onto Leanord, and LeBron will swap onto Ginobili, I LOVE this defensive action.

This creates a false passing lane for a skip pass that LeBron can have a lane to run through for a steal.



The Spurs only ran this action twice, maybe because the Heat defended it so well.

Here Kawhi starts the STS with another screen on Duncan.





When the Heat X-Out again on this play, Wade is actually really late to recover on Kawhi leaving him open.



Although Kawhi doesn’t take advantage of this mistake and actually goes into the help and Wade strips him for a LeBron dunk.



Hope you enjoyed this breakdown if you have any requests please let me know @HalfCourtHoops!

Coach Pyper

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