Manu Ginobili Pick N’ Roll Attacking 2014 NBA Playoffs

Manu Ginobili is an elite playmaker and scorer out of the Pick and Roll/Ballscreen action. Here we break down how he reads the defense and scores or creates for his teammates.

Full Video:

Lets look at how he attacks the rim and gets the defender on their heels by the use of misdirection. Below is the video of Manu utilizing misdirection before he attacks the Ballscreen. My favorite ones are when Reggie Jackson (who I believe is a good on ball defender) is guarding Manu and he leans left and drives right for a layup with ease.

One of the moves Manu employs is called a “Load Step.” I recently learned about this move through a breakdown that John Leonzo (@John_Leonzo) created a video on his YouTube page. I recommend you check out his YouTube page he has great videos that have helped me as a coach!. Here is his video on the “Load Step.”


Here is Manu taking his Load Step to attack:


One of the key messages of the next video is DON’T GO UNDER THE BALLSCREEN GUARDING MANU. He is so lethal at shooting when his defender goes under the ballscreen. Dallas tried to switch, but failed because of Manu’s attacking ability the big had to play too far off.


Manu’s passing ability and creation out of the Pick and Roll is probably made easier with all of the shooting surrounding him on the Spurs roster. My favorite passes from Manu are below:


Hope you guys enjoyed this breakdown of Manu and his Pick and Roll attacking. If you have any video requests please let me know @HalfCourtHoops!

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