2012 Roy Williams UNC Coaching Clinic Notes

2012 UNC Coaching Clinic




Strength and Conditioning – Jonas Saharatian

(Summer 2012 Workouts)

9/11:Running hills 14 hills-60 yds. @ 30 degree incline. Guys have 14 seconds to run up the hill, then walk back down.

9/13:30 second lane slides

Backboard Touch–shuffle under rim–Jump and Backboard touch again


Resistance Band:Start on baseline and run to FT line and touch, and back pedal



Zig Zag drill – 30 seconds Full Length of Court

90 second run around the Court at 80% speed

2 minute Break

5 sets of 33’s (Run down and back 3times in 33 seconds, keep in mind College court is 94 feet.)

9/21:Sand Workout @ Volleyball courts. *All drills can be done in the gym, because most do not have sand pits at their convenience

3 sets of 5 standing long jump in sang, on last jump explode and run 10 yards

W-Drill: Run and Backpedal

Run around each cone with sharp cuts

Lateral shuffle through cones.

Jump Series: 20 seconds of work /40 seconds of rest

Split Jumps

Zig Zag Hops

Linear Shuffle Jump (Legs make scissor action, move sideways) Tuck Jumps

Hula Hoop:Use 3 off set Hula Hoops and Run Figure 8’s

Do same thing, but have someone in Pursuit trying to Tag

(This makes the drill more fun and competitive for the guys) Sand Suicides

9/24:Ladder Work – Working on Strides

9 sets of 33’s. Coach Saharation keep tally of how many each players finishes above/below 33 seconds


9/26:Temple Runs Outside on Football Field

Run 110 meters

Run 4 sets of 100yds. Goal = Guards in 16 sec, Post in 17 sec. Rest 25 sec between while walking

Run 5 sets of 200yds. Goal = Guards in 34 sec, Post in 36 sec. Rest 50 sec between while walking

Run 4 sets of 100yds. Goal = Guards in 16 sec, Post in 17 sec. Rest 25 sec between while walking.

9/28:10 sets of 33’s. Again keep tally of who is able to get finished in time.

10/1:Rope Battle (30 sec. work, 30 sec. rest)

Power Max Mat Drill – Alternating Linear Shuffle Twist

  1. Bands-  Lateral Shuffle to the left for 30 seconds

Run from baseline to each elbow and back for 30 seconds

Lateral Shuffle to the right for 30 seconds

Ride stationary bike for 30 seconds in a High Gear keeping the RPM’s above 120


Split up teams into groups of 3 or 4. Each player has to tag the next before they begin. Once the entire group has run the 11’s, they can then begin the 22’s,etc.

10/3:12 x 33’s (AKA Tough Test)


An 11 is players running down and back in 11 seconds, etc.


He mentioned that Pre-Season conditioning is limited to only your imagination. He does stuff with very low cost materials. Cones, Hula Hoops, Ropes, Jump Ropes, Running ladder,etc.


Coach Holladay-Post Player Development


-FavoritecMove, then Secondary Move. (Always have a counter move)

-Jump Hook, Turn-Face Up Jump Shot

-Ball Fake ->Drop Step. Keep Shoulders Parallel to the basket

-Step Out Shots (Tyler Hansborough would make 200/day in an hour)

-Face Up, 1 Dribble->Attack the basket.

-Secondary Break Jumpers (Snap the wrist)


For drill purposes-Don’t throw the ball to hand-throw a direct bounce pass to the person belly button. Be sure to Seal w/ Elbows wide and butt low. (Make Post players work, shuffle to their spots).


Post Defense=If the offensive person is not a good scorer, no need to front the post. Raised Arms doesn’t equal foul.

Wall & Box out. On Wall-Lean back not over b/c the result will be a foul.


Hubert Davis–Perimeter Workout

Key: Create Separation


1.  Pin down – 6 shots

2.  Left hand layup

3.  Power Dribble Pull-Up Jumper

4.  Catch and Shoot (Find the sweet spot)

5.  Pump Fake-Jumper

6.  3 pointers

7.  1 dribble pull up away from stunting defender (Shoot the Gap)


Getting to the Corner

1.  Plant, Create Space, Power Dribble, Dunk/Layup

2.  Plant, Fade, Power Dribble, Floater (1 foot or 2 feet –disallows the charge)

3.  Plant, Fade, 1 dribble Pull Up Jumper

4.  Catch and Shoot

5.  3 Pointers

6.  Plant, Create Space, Power Dribble, Pump Fake, Jumper


*Extreme Push off with legs to create space

*Every Guard needs to have a floater as a part of his offensive game.

1 on 1 Moves:Always catch in Triple Threat and Rip Through Low and Strong

1.  Face Up, Rip Through, Lay Up (Left and Right Side)

2.  2 Dribble Pull-Up

3.  1 Dribble Pull-Up

4.  2 Dribble Pump Fake

5.  Step through off Pump Fake

6.  Step Back (Come into, Step Back)

7.  Cross-Over, Step Back Jumper

8.  Floaters(1 foot,2 feet – Better for avoiding the Charge)


Coach Robinson–Defense


Handling Screens–Bigs hedge, Guards fight over the top

-UNC wants their bigs to make guards change directions

-UNC likes to split up to teach defense in Group Work


Basic Shell concepts

1 pass away=Deny

2 pass away =Help Side

Everyone moves on “Flight of the ball” Retreat on the Direction of the Pass

Wants players to TALK (“Ball”,“Deny”,“Help”) Stay in Low Defensive Stance , don’t stand up




Mostly talked about his secondary break and options they read off of that. Then took time for Q&A.


Understand how to coach your team– Calm & Teach or Wacko & Push

“Better you are, more you can push them”

“Less confidence in your team, more you need to be calm and coach” “Teach freshmen how to play when they’re freshmen”

“Do what is best for the program, not for just now, long term plans” “Weak leader is one who treats everyone the same”

Has 1 on 1 meeting to discuss individual game.

After 1st scrimmage talks about how if you want to play more then do this… To play less….do this….


On The Break-If you can get ahead/pitch ahead then do it. If not, guard needs to cross sides of the floor.

Screen in transition is Hard to Guard/In backcourt.


“Have to coach players individually more so than as a Whole Team”

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