Steve Kerr ATO Sets 2015 NBA Playoffs

A look at Steve Kerr’s After Time Out sets from the 2015 NBA Playoffs. His two favorite sets both involved Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, and both coming off of screens. The first is a nice double screen set for Steph Curry, where Steph fakes one way and then turns to sprint off of the double screen for a shot. The next is a post up set in order to trigger the “Split Cuts” the Warriors killed teams on this year.

Download PDF of Diagrams

“ATO Double”

“Slice Split”

Full Video ATO Sets:

Set of the Night: “Backscreen the Ballscreener”

One of my favorite actions that I first saw in the FIBA 2014 Wold Cup was from Lithuania. They had their big man set a HI Pick & Roll and then a guard followed behind and screened his man to prevent an easy recovery. The guard then popped up to the 3 point line and it was very difficult to guard. Since then, I have been looking for teams who have run this action or similar action to free up their big man on the roll. The Utah Jazz ran an awesome ATO set using this action and although Gordon Hayward missed an open 3 point shot it was just that-open. This action forces the defense to help in a way they may not be used to helping.

ato action

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Hope you guys enjoyed this Set! Thanks!

-Coach Pyper

Ohio State “Pindown Flare” Motion

Thad Matta has allowed Greg Paulus to take over the Offense for the 2014-15 Ohio State Buckeyes. He runs a really nice motion that flows well out of transition/secondary offense. Using Pindowns, Flare, Backscreen and Ballscreens this motion has a little bit of everything and can be difficult to guard. I beleive Greg Paulus adapted this from the Blazers:

After seeing Portland run this (and other teams, mainly Trail Blazers) I think they adapted it well to the already lethal Ohio State PNR Motion.

Oklahoma City Thunder “Backdoor SLOB”

Scott Brooks. When I say that name alot of fans/NBA followers usually associate him with not running any offense and being an overrated coach. Well, as of lately (especially after the trades) he has improved his half court offense and sets that he uses for the talent he has. Kevin Durant hasnt been healthy this season, but when he has Brooks has some new sets for one of the best players in the league. Here he runs a nice backdoor set for KD. Enjoy!