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“Don’t be a know- it-all, be a learn-it-all.” Kevin Garnett is a “learn-it-all.”

Why do we win? We are willing to defend and we are willing to come to games without any clutter. (Focused on basketball, nothing else)

What time zone are you in?

Spare Time – work on your game in your spare time

Part Time – work on your game part-time

Full Time – work on your game full-time

All the Time – Where Championships are won

The Best do the unrequired work.

*To get buy-in, you gotta get believe in.

*Fatigue demands fundamentals. Fundamentals every day.

*The more you can do drills at game speed, the readier you are at game time. *Players are taught by coaches, players are made by themselves.

*It’s not about being right, it’s about getting it right.

A = Attitude (Coaches and players every day) It’s not about what you know, it’s about what you bring.

B = Belief – They won’t believe unless they trust, they won’t trust unless they understand the truth.

TRUST – 1-time; 2 – consistency; 3 – truth…Three needs in order to get trust from others.

TRUTH – 1 – live it; 2 – tell it; 3 – take it

There are no friends on the court, only teammates.

C = Character – “We don’t want talent (let losing teams have that) we have talented players.” (ed – extra dimension)

C = Chemistry 4 relationships

1 – Players like, respect, and trust the other players. 2 – Players like, respect, and trust the coaches.

3 – Coaches like, respect, and trust the players.

4 – Coaches like, respect, and trust the other coaches.

C = Culture – It’s what drives us every day. All decisions are based on our culture on winning.

1 – “Be there before you get there.” – EX: Ray Allen at practice will practice catch and shoot with the trainer/asst coach, while hearing “3, 2, 1…and then the buzzer” going off while he’s shooting. When it happens in a game, he’s been there before. He’s been there before he got there.

2 – “Big eyes, big ears, and a small mouth.”

The most successful people ask the most questions. 3 – Master the BILITIES

*responsibility – execute the role you’ve been given. Do your job completely

*Accountability – take ownership of your decisions.

*Dependability – can we count on you? The best are never late, they’re always early.

*Sustainability – Sustain your performance every day. *Availability – Every day

“Success doesn’t stop once you get there.” Michael Jordan

No one has arrived. You’ve just gotten to the next step on the road to success.

When talking to George Raveling (former head coach at Washington State, USC), I asked George, “What is Nike’s secret? How do they continue to grow and innovate?”

George replied, “At Nike, there is no such thing as a finish line.”

Are you a person of entitlement? Or of investment?

Can your philosophy withstand failure? Your belief in it?

You get on the floor through invisible stats (charges, deflections, getting on the floor, etc)

“Coaching takes place in the office, leadership takes place in the locker room.” (Coach can lead on the floor, player leads off the floor and in locker room)

Knowledge is quickness, scouting report can do it for you. Being prepared can give you and extra step, etc..

You cannot win with “my turn” shots. (Guys who haven’t gotten a shot in a few possessions, so he shoots a poor shot because, in his mind, it’s his turn)

You cannot win with “shooting turnovers.” (Non-shooters taking shots, or taking shots they cannot make)

What’s on your team? “Don’t know” or “Don’t care?”

“They don’t know what they don’t know. It’s the coach’s job to teach them.

When the **** hits the fan, what do you do?


3 MUSTS in coaching:

1  – You must put-out fires

2  – You gotta put gas in their tanks

3  – Re-focus the lens


Preparation trumps pressure – They know they’re ready.

If you’re MAD or SAD…You are selfish – you didn’t get what YOU wanted.

Hard – get past hard. Being good is hard. Being all conference is hard. Being District Champions is hard….


4 Things Coaches Should Control

1 – System

2 – Culture

3 – Preparation

4 – Personnel


Drills you do in practice, better show-up in games.

If you change your habits, you change your limits. If you change your limits, you change your life. If you change your life you get to go back and be a kid, dreaming.

At the end, are you gonna look back and say “I left a job,” or “I left a legacy?”


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